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     unique collection of real-life cases - from the internationally famous to the bizarrely obscure. Many rediscovered in Victorian annals, never featured before in a popular work…

 …the attempted assassination of an unpopular monarch; the Prince of Wales’ nurse who slaughtered six children; the woman who murdered some “400” babies; Dove and the Wizard; and many besides.

Exhaustively researched, using contemporary sources, all fully referenced, with where to read more.

An eye-opening insight into Victorian morals - revealing features that capture 19th century life: prisons, the courts, rare habits and customs - such as why did the hangman pass the doomed a white hankie, and what was it like to be hanged in a chair?!

Rare images collected from international archives - some previously unpublished some globally famous.

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    "A compendium..of information that will make you say, 'I never knew that!' Contained within is a plethora of entertaining facts about Herefordshire's famous and occasionally infamous men and women...more (© The History Press)

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    "Read how Salisbury experienced murder, mayhem and death; recoil at sadistic monarchs and wicked barons; marvel at marauding monks and wonder at wayward nuns! Gaze woefully...more (© The History Press)

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