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The Little Book of Herefordshire (The History Press)
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Bloody British History Salisbury (The History Press)

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ABOUT David J. Vaughan

David J. Vaughan is a published author, historian, blogger, book reviewer, media presenter and public speaker. Former Assistant County Archaeologist for heritage-rich Wiltshire, since returning to Herefordshire's Golden Valley he has written and presented on different strands of the past. With a professional background in history, archaeology and researching the past, his titles include Mad or Bad. Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain (Pen and Sword), The Little Book of Herefordshire and Bloody British History Salisbury (both The History Press).


What led you to write?
Passion. I have a love for a story, be it fiction or fact. And I love words. Most of all, though, I want readers to read - to be informed, inspired and to know where we came from and how it led us all here.

With historical fact, how do you pull out the best of the past?
What to leave out is the hardest of all! Everything, everyone who has lived has contributed to life. For better or worse. What gets written about has to bring with it a context - how they or it fits with the work as a whole.

Have you made sacrifices to get where you are?
Of course, doesn't everyone. Whatever work they do. The biggest was giving up watching tv, except when I'm researching a book. Having less time for family and friends can be a bit of a chore. But they know I'm doing something I love.

How do you cope with the isolation of writing?
Being alone doesn't have to be lonely! Some people write only when they've got noise all around them. Music aids them when they want to focus their mind. For me, it's splendid isolation - probably because I am easily distracted! But at least that helps me to join up the dots, as long as I stay honed on the piece.

What was your "lucky break"?
Being Assistant County Archaeologist in Wiltshire led indirectly to my first publishing contract. Writing a 'Horrible Histories' for adults about Salisbury - not all dreaming spires and its bucolic close. Plus hard work, courage and being bloody-minded all helped!

What else fills your time?
Though rarely not writing, I indulges other passions: house restoration and Everton FC - the famed Merseyside club who play their football in blue!

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