Mad Or Bad. Crime And Insanity In Victorian Britain

Title: Mad or Bad? Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain
Author: David J. Vaughan
Publisher: Pen and Sword Books
Publisher Imprint: Pen and Sword History
ISBN: 978-1473864139
Release Date: January 2017
Word Count: c. 55,000
Illustrations: c. 30, many in colour
Trim Size: c. 234 mm x 156 mm
Anticipated Print-Run: c. 1,000
Target Audience: British and International
Expected Retail Price: £12.99UKP

It's here…

Mad or Bad. Crime and Insanity in Victorian Britain has been published January 2017...

"a well-researched & readable book is to be congratulated" 

In a violent 19th century, desperate attempts by the alienists - a new wave of ‘mad-doctor’ – brought the insanity plea into Victorian courts. Defining psychological conditions in an attempt at acquittal, they faced ridicule, obstruction – even professional ruin – as they strived for acceptance and struggled for change. It left ‘mad people’ hanged for offences they could not remember, and ‘bad’ people freed on unscrupulous pleas.

Written in accessible language, this book retells twenty-five genuine cases, from attempting to murder a bemused Queen Victoria; the poisoner Dove and the much-feared magician; the king’s former wet-nurse who slaughtered six children; to the worst serial killer this country has known.

Accompanied by a Who’s Who, glossary of insanity terms and conditions; a short history of debate and one on women and madness, raising opportune questions about gender and this masculine era. 

Mad or Bad is my first national/international title, featuring real-life, historical cases from right across the UK. Based on the author's popular blog, Mad, Bad & Desperate, getting more than 1700 visits each month!

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