Celestina Sommer

The Secret Life of Celestina Sommer - A very Victorian Murder


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"The first complete retelling in 150 years of this incredible - yet true - Victorian murder"


...'a great read'




'A great read, definitely recommend this if you are interested in the Victorian era.'
'Interesting Read....Never heard of this case before, book is interesting and discusses insanity in the Victorian age and how it helped or hindered a person [a]t trial.'

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4* Reviews

  • 'I found this story interesting and well written, I would recommend it'
  • 'I had never heard of Celestina Sommer and found her story fascinating...'
  • '..a very sad story well told'

    Investigating a mother's unexplained murder of her only child, this narrative non-fiction title delves into the shady world of Victorian London. Taking in The Old Bailey, Newgate, Brixton and Millbank prisons and ending up at Fisherton House Lunatic Asylum in provincial Salisbury, Wiltshire, this true story reveals why Celestina Sommer became the most notorious, most hated child killer the world had then known.

    Exposing debates in both Houses of Parliament and rumours of a royal cover-up, her case ignited the debate on crime and insanity as it was seen in the 19th century. It is a book that shocks and overwhelms before it deposits the reader in a twilight world of right, wrong and a civilized society's response to evil. One thing is for certain - it will never leave you.

    If you liked Suspicions of Mr Whicher, you'll love 'The Secret Life of Celestina Sommer - A very Victorian murder'

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